Holiday in a Greek luxury villa is ideal

You know what it’s like. Right now you’re in the office, drowning in emails, deadlines looming over your head and you’re late for yet another meeting that will take up your entire day. You’ll end up catching up by working from home later tonight, while the rest of the family tiptoes around you. When was the last time you had a whole week or even just a weekend free, to relax, spend time with the family and play with the kids, never having to check your phone?

Working eighty hours a week to provide for your family means that you’re all in desperate need of an annual getaway from the routines of daily life, in order to replenish your time together and enjoy each other’s attention and affection.

A beach holiday in a Greek luxury villa is ideal.

Imagine being in Syros or Vravrona – Attica. There is no need to talk on cell phones, check emails, or run to meetings or work events. It’s the ideal holiday for families that need to relax and have undistracted time together enjoying the beach, walking on the sand, building sandcastles, playing in the water, laying in the sun and eating juicy watermelon. It’s real living, down to the core.

The long-term benefits of beach vacationing for families are huge. They help reconnect and strengthen the bonds between family members, rekindle the spark between couples, they promote laughter, sharing of feelings and a special kind of ease, which happens only when people spend what is known as “lazy time” together. Lazy time at your very own Syros or Vravrona – Athens luxury villa.

To choose the best luxury family villa for your holiday, check out these gorgeous gems. Sun, sand, sea, privacy, comfort and mouthwatering food –what more do you need?

Syros Island: Villa Ampela

Villa vacation in Greece


Vravrona, Attica: Villa Vravrona


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