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In Greece,there are 227 inhabited islands. As you can imagine visiting them all would take months. That means you must choose your destination. But don’t worry there is a trick for you to decide!

The trick with choosing a Greek island is settling on which qualities matter most to you. While Corfu scores for beaches and hiking, it can lack in tranquility. Mykonos might boast wonderful restaurants. But where are the affordable hotels?

Decide which attributes are non-negotiable, and you’ll have a  shortlist.

The Cyclades is Greece’s quintessential island group. It contains two of its real A-Listers Santorini, Mykonos and also Syros. There you can find a bit of everything. For example tavernas, immense scenery, beaches, chichi towns, tufty windmills as well as whitewashed buildings.

You can easily travel to greek islands through all of the mainland Europe. Greek islands have also superb hotels for you to stay. Unfortunately, all these assets are rarely empty. Space can be really hard to find. Prices are also comparatively higher.

The same is true, although to a lesser extent, for gorge-ridden Crete—Greece’s biggest island. Plus for castle-guarded Rhodes, ever-popular Corfu and spunky Lesbos.

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